New York Life & Property Insurance Claims

The Life & Property Insurance Law Offices of Heather D. Lee, Esquire represent insurance clients throughout the State of New York.  We are best known for collecting delayed and denied life insurance claims, and also handle beneficiary disputes, homeowners and renters insurance claims, and other contract and consumer protection matters.

It is no secret that insurance companies profit by collecting premiums and later denying claims.  When vulnerable and without the strength or financial resources to fight a life insurance denial, beneficiaries often just accept the insurance company’s illegitimate reason for denying their claims.  Under pressure to make necessary home repairs after a storm or other property loss, desperate insureds may accept “low-ball” offers to settle their homeowners claims.

Heather D. Lee, Esquire understands that those who have suffered a recent loss deserve time to grieve and should not have to face these bad faith insurance practices alone.  Life and property insurance companies must be held accountable to the public, so that they continue to fulfill their promises to protect insureds and beneficiaries against financial hardship following the loss of a loved one or a severe property loss.

Without the help of an experienced New York insurance attorney, the fight to obtain your life or property insurance proceeds may take months or even years, or may never be resolved at all.  And if you give up on your claim, the insurance company automatically wins.  It is our mission to protect your rights, and to ensure that life and property insurers fulfill their legal obligations to you and your family.  We fight on behalf of the victims of bad faith insurance actions to get the compensation that our clients deserve, when they need it most.

Contact Us to ask an experienced attorney about your delayed or denied insurance claim now.  If the Law Offices of Heather D. Lee, Esquire pursue your case, we will work aggressively to collect your wrongfully delayed or denied insurance proceeds fast, and no legal fees will become due unless your insurance claim is paid.  Do not give up on your claim without a fight.  Ask a New York life and property insurance lawyer about your denied insurance claim now.

2 thoughts on “New York Life & Property Insurance Claims

  1. I had a policy lapsed for non PMT of premium. I had the policy for 18 years and I paid for it. Due to an oversee on my part, the policy was lapsed due to a non-payment of premium and I had missed t by 2 days. Since my 82 year old mother was uninsurable they did not renew the policy.. My father who was a lawyer told me that there is a federal law which protects consumers. Also found out recently a statute for 3 years. If I cnnot reinstate the policy then I will loose the money which I had paid into it.

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