Notice to Readers

Attorney Heather D. Lee of the Life & Property Insurance Law Offices of Heather D. Lee, PLLC is best known for collecting wrongfully delayed and denied life insurance claims, and also handles life insurance beneficiary disputes, homeowners and renters insurance disputes, and other contract and consumer protection matters.  Attorney Lee’s mission is to protect your rights and your family by ensuring that powerful insurance companies fulfill their legal and contractual obligations to you.

The Life & Property Insurance Lawyer Blog keeps you informed on the federal and state insurance laws, legal developments, and issues that affect you and your family.  While the Life Insurance Law Bloggers are primarily focused on life and property insurance matters, it is our priority to provide helpful information regarding many areas of civil claims and consumer law.  Please note that the information on this website may not apply to your state, as insurance laws vary from state-to-state.  We have offices in Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, and Colorado.

The information on the Life & Property Insurance Lawyer Blog is NOT and should NOT be construed as legal advice. The information contained on this website does not create an attorney-client relationship between the Life & Property Insurance Law Offices of Heather D. Lee, PLLC and any person who reads such information.  To discuss the specifics of your case with an attorney, please Contact Us for a free claim evaluation.

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