“The” Life Insurance Lawyer Heather D. Lee Joins Host Alex Alexander on “Ask the Attorney” to Discuss the Common Delay, Deny, Defend Strategies of Life Insurance Companies

Watch the segment here —–> https://iwantabuzz.com/legal/ask-the-attorney/heather-lee-from-law-offices-of-heather-d-lee/

If your life insurance claim has been delayed or denied, or you are facing a life insurance beneficiary dispute and/or an interpleader action, visit http://www.life-insurancelawyer.com or contact the Life & Property Insurance Law Offices of Heather D. Lee directly at (800)403-5710 for your free case evaluation. We offer competitive contingent-fee representation so you won’t have to worry about the extensive costs of hiring an attorney to fight for you.

Don’t let the life insurance companies win. Call us today!

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